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A postcard to PostSecret starts a small movement to save a life has become a phenomenon of sorts over the last few years.  Thousand’s of people have sent in their secrets anonymously to Frank Warren since he started this amazing postcard-art project over 5 years ago.  Heartfelt postcards full of love and sadness, hope and misery have been delivered to his doorstep in Maryland every day, and each Sunday Frank chooses a handful and posts them on his website.

A couple weeks ago one such postcard sent in for Frank to post was from someone in San Francisco, someone who felt that life wasn’t worth living anymore, someone who didn’t feel wanted or loved or needed.  Someone who just so happens to be in this country illegally and felt unworthy, they felt that the only thing left for them was to jump from the Golden Gate bridge.

Most people would have looked over the postcards that Frank put up and then moved on with their lives.  Not Katelyn Roberts. Katelyn lives in San Francisco and couldn’t imagine not doing anything, she couldn’t imagine not trying to help, she couldn’t sit by and not try to make a difference. She turned to Facebook and made a page and named it simply “please don’t jump” . Before long there were hundreds of visitors and thousands voicing their support by becoming members of the page.  Katelyn and a handful of dedicated members decided upon a beautiful day in June to meet on the Golden Gate bridge to show their love and support for all the nameless people who think they need to end their lives.

Below is the video that Katelyn made that spectacular day in June. The day that everyone forgot about themselves and the trivial things going on in their own lives and gathered together with love in their hearts for a perfect stranger.

Thank you Katelyn, it’s people like you that really make a difference.

The name of the song is called “Song for You” by Alexi Murdoch. I don’t think a more perfect song could have been chosen.

Another video that Katelyn put together shows the outpouring of love and concern for the person that sent in that postcard, people from around the world.  Where ever you are, when you feel the most alone, know that your life matters, that people really do care …

please dont jump.

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