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AFSP Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk

This weekend June 26th and 27th  is the annual AFSP Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk for suicide prevention in Boston. From dusk till dawn, people will gather and join together to try and heal a little of their heartbreak and discuss the issues of depression and suicide prevention.  There are thousands of people participating in the midnight walk again this year and most of them have their own stories of heartbreak.

One such story is shared with us by Brenda Adkins. “Ten years ago, if anyone had told me that Jason wouldn’t still be telling me, “Your TOES, Mom…. run on your TOES!” while Rick laughed and said, “Mom’s not gonna listen to us!”, I would have wondered if they came from another planet. The thought of my children dying, of them ending their own lives, simply didn’t exist. Who’s Who, too many Honor Societies to name, lifeguards, paramedics, athletes…. young men with brilliant futures. Suicide? Not my kids.”

Yet it happened. May 7, 2000, Jason ended his life. August 16, 2002, his twin Rick joined him.

Although my life has been touched by suicide, too many times,  it is almost impossible to imagine the pain Brenda Adkins has been through. Reading the stories of her twin son’s Jason and Rick’s lives…. both so young, accomplished, full of life, with huge plans for their future, makes it almost unimaginable they could take their own lives.

It happens every day. Every single day someone wakes up and thinks they are not enough. That things won’t get better, that life is just too difficult, that no one will understand.  Every single day someone will miss the signs that a loved one is more than just a “little depressed.”

Today if you can spare the time, please read Brenda Adkins story of love and loss here.  And if you can spare just a few dollars, pledge it to Brenda on her overnight walk in Boston this weekend, the link to her AFSP Overnight Walk pledge page is here.

My love and thoughts will be with all of you participating, but as one Mother to another, it is especially with Brenda.

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