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Happy Earth Day 2010!

Happy Earth Day 2010!

From all of us here at PSWLY, we wanted to share our favorite site with links for you to check out so you can go green too! Lets help to keep this planet the green place it was always supposed to be!

I signed up to a very long time ago, before it was fashionable to go green. One of my favorite things about this site is it makes it easy to find ways to change your bad habits, and easy things to do that make a big difference like this article titled…
“Celebrating 40 Years Of Activism: 7 Ways To Get Involved For Earth Day!

I tried to do 2 things this year, I know TWO, wow really pushing the boat out huh? The first was to plant a garden, Ok well I didn’t really plant it, it was here when I moved in …. BUT I did weed it and am planning on actually planting seeds in it this year! What I can’t grow myself I vowed to go down to the local farmers market and buy instead of purchasing veggies that have been trucked in. Check out this article
Save Money By Eating Seasonally

The 2nd thing I am doing is to buy reusable water containers so I can wean my kids off of plastic water bottles. The amount of plastic bottles I have thrown away over the last few years is criminal! For years now when I’ve tossed my plastic away in the recycling bins like a good girl , thinking that they were being melted down to make playground equipment or pave highways! I never imagined they would end up in the landfills and the oceans! Learn how you can help by reading this article and watching the short video clip at the end.
The Story of Bottled Water

I hope you enjoy these articles and they help you find your own little way to save the planet, together we can all make a difference!

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