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Today the Supreme Court got it right … finally! Enjoy with some Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – SAME LOVE feat. Mary Lambert. These lyrics , this video …it says it all.

Project Unbreakable

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What do we do about bullying?

So much has happened the last couple months, and I haven’t posted a thing about the bullying incidents and subsequent suicides that have been all over the news. At first I was just stunned by sheer amount of hatred and viciousness, and as the mothers of the teenagers that took their own lives, stood up and spoke out, I just watched them as my own heart ached with their unbelievable pain. When celebrities like Ellen and Oprah, my idols, used their shows and their influence to get the word out, I felt I couldn’t have possibly said anything better or made more of an impact than they did. Star after star stood up and shared their personal experiences, their stories hopefully touching someone who felt isolated, misunderstood and alone.

All the while I kept thinking in the back of my mind, where are these bullies parents? Who are these children and young adults that seem to be so lacking in compassion and why are they so cruel and judgmental? We’re they raised by bigots and racists? Are they really so self centered and self righteous that they think they have a right to treat anyone who is different than them so callously?

The answers aren’t easy ones.

I realized as I sat watching a playground full of 6 and 7 year old’s, that it starts way younger than I first thought possible. My 6 year old son was accused of bullying a little girl in his class recently and while my first instinct was to jump to his defense and yell at the top of my lungs “He’s just a little boy!” I had to stop and take a long hard look at where he learned the behavior he was exhibiting. Had we snapped at each other in front of him when things weren’t going well and the day was an especially difficult one? Did we spank him when we should have talked it out? Did we loose our tempers in front of him instead of digging down deep for just one more ounce of patience? Were we disrespectful of others and bullyish in our treatment of each other?

Anger, disappointment and cruelty aren’t new to our kids by the time they reach adolescence, and if they aren’t taught skills to cope with these things, they act out in inappropriate ways, commit acts we never would have imagined they were capable of. Acts born of frustration, jealousy and self loathing and they just keep escalating until they are out of control, behaviors that result in someone being singled out for the brunt of their anger. They watch us so closely, they see our over-the-top reactions to every day situations, they over hear our unguarded conversations and they store this information subconsciously and then later lash out at a child who is quieter, more self conscious, someone who is perceived to be weaker or different.

We can all share the blame for the lack of empathy our children show one another, after all we are the ones that are too busy or too wrapped up in our own lives to take the time to be gentle and speak to others with kindness . We can all share the blame for the careless way we speak to each other, the examples we show of complete disregard for another’s feelings or their situation. Just as we can share the blame, we can also share in the responsibility of educating each other. Take responsibility for making sure our children grow up with respect for themselves and others they come in contact with. Teach them how to show a little kindness in their every day lives, show them by setting the example yourself, don’t think they are going to learn it on their own, or at school. Teach them by living your life with purposeful intent, include someone that has been left out, give of your time and yourself to someone less fortunate, speak carefully and choose your words well, care about each others well being no matter what each others differences are. Teach them the definition of Integrity as I learned it from my father. “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

Please check out this link to Ellen’s page United Against Bullying for information and videos from a multitude of stars, who are actually just regular people sharing their stories and sending the message of tolerance and understanding.

Jamie Tworkowski wins the Good Woodie!

Jamie Tworkowski wins the Good Woodie!

Jamie Tworkowski, the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), a non-profit movement that is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide, has won the prestigious Good Woodie award!

The Good Woodie is awarded to the artist whose commitment to a social cause has effected the greatest change this year.

Jamie says, “TWLOHA is a story that I am proud to be part of. The best stories are the ones that surprise you and inspire you to change. Thanks for all you do to make ours that sort of story. It’s my honor to represent you at the Woodie Awards tonight, to get to be there on behalf of people who struggle and people who care.”

Jamie was the only person nominated by MTV that wasn’t a musician with a song of his own, so MTV allowed him to choose a song by an artist or group for his nomination video. After giving it a lot of thought, Jamie chose Switchfoot’s “Needle and Haystack Life” from their new album “Hello Hurricane (CD/DVD).”

“No, don’t let go
Don’t give up hope
All is forgiven
You breathe it in
The highs and lows
We call it living

All is not lost
All is not lost
Become who you are
It happens once in a lifetime”

When accepting the award Jamie thoughtfully accepted on behalf of all people battling depression and drug addiction.

We would like to thank Jamie for all that he has given of himself to this cause and to the thousands of people who  support TWLOHA and provide hope for people who so desperately need it.


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