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Happy Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day has me feeling incredibly sad, I miss my Mother so much that my heart actually aches for her. This is my first year without my Mom, she died shortly after Mothers Day last year. It’s not that I don’t have a lot of reasons to be happy, I have 5 healthy kids of my own, 4 grandchildren and at least 3 daughters I have adopted over the last few years. But my Mom and I won’t be sitting in the garden today, sharing laughs and a glass of wine, or making dinner and and mumbling about the noise level as the kids whip in and out of the kitchen.

I wrote a piece called Things My Mother Taught Me over on my personal blog “If It Wasn’t This…”, click here to read the entire post.  It’s just a partial list, but it seems like the important things, the things she lived her life by and tried to instill in us as children.

As some of you may know, I recently passed my courses with the QPR Institute to become a certified suicide prevention specialist for the upcoming online support network IMAlive, being launched this year by TWLOHA , The Kristin Brooks Foundation 1-800-Suicide and PostSecret.  I am really proud to have been chosen to take part in their beta testing and training and look forward to the launch later this summer.

About 5 years back, when I started my first suicide prevention site, I called it Post Me A Secret and asked people to send in their secrets by email and I would post them with a picture I thought went with their secret or with a picture they sent.  At the time I had never seen PostSecret and had no idea that people all over the country were mailing Frank postcards that he was publishing online every Sunday. Even though I was referring people daily to 1-800-suicide from my site, the secrets got to be overwhelming and I realized I was just a couple words away from infringing on someone else’s copyright and website, I canceled my site, and continued to follow his.   Today he has posted the postcards that are all Mom related, and as always they are very thought provoking and touching, click here to visit the site and and see the Mother’s Day postcards that people have sent in.

It’s funny how things end up coming around full circle like this … Now I actually have a chance to work with the 3 groups I have admired most in the suicide prevention world.

So…. a Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!  A really big hug to those of you that have lost your Mom like I have and whose hearts are hurting like mine!


P.S. ~ We Love You

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