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IMAlive Benefit Update

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I wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone that performed and those that attended the IMAlive benefit a week ago this past friday.  The Mill on Muse Isle was rocking with  fantastic music the entire day long, with the likes of  Phoenix Galdonaldo, Clairede Dirval, Astronimus Randt and Lyn Carlberg. Emotional and moving performances by RB Hamelin, Avatar Quinzet, Noma Falta, Skye Galaxy, Cylindrian Rutabaga and  Quinton Whitman, helped to keep the crowd donating, while beautiful ambient sets were played by Jana Kyamoon, Torben Asp and legendary SL performer Cypress Rosewood.

It was obvious that everyone could relate to each other over the subject of suicide, and there was just an electric atmosphere with a  feeling of being connected by understanding and love.  Because every person that attended was so generous, we raised over 65,500 lindens for IMAlive and that brings us at PSWLY one step closer to having the online support network for suicide prevention that I believe so strongly in.

I apologize for taking so long in posting this!  Part of me was stalling and waiting for the documentary style machinima that our friend Kittie Serendipity was filming that day to be ready to post and share with all of you, but the biggest reason was getting smacked down by the flu the day after the benefit.  Just now,  a little over a week later… I am starting to feel better and get back on track!   On the day of the benefit,  I was lucky enough to have not one but two talented friends doing machinima, the other was my gifted artistic friend,  Escape Unplugged.  Escape spent that noon hour filming Skye Galaxy and has released this fabulous machinima in video form and has posted it on his youtube channel.  When I asked Skye what song he felt would best portray how he felt about this cause and would want to share the most, he said it was this song “Because I have a secret”  and after listening to the words … I think I  can understand why.

A special thanks goes out to Florence Nexen for her tireless efforts in organizing the musicians for that day. Florence has been instrumental in keeping us focused on our goal of raising money for IMAlive and has already begun arrangements for a second benefit to be held over two days this spring in May.  Also a big thanks to JenzZa Misfit who I think  secretly is 3 people, because she seems to NEVER  stop!  JenzZa made the historic site, The Mill @ Muse Isle,  available to us at PS~WeLoveYou so we could hold this benefit and continued to help us hostess the event through out the entire day.

Although I had contacted Reese Butler the founder of Kristin Brooks 1-800-Suicide and Jamie Tworkowski founder of TWLOHA prior to the benefit and extended an invitation in world to attend the benefit, both of their schedules were too hectic to attend, but they responded in email, wishing us all the best and were excited to hear about all of our efforts in the virtual world SecondLife.

Just to be honest and without question I wanted to post this file imported from SL showing the amount of donations and the totals for the benefit. As soon as the payment is reflected in my acct from Linden Labs and I have the receipt for the donation to IMAlive I will post it here and you can dl the files.

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