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IMAlive Benfit Update

A huge thank you to all of you who made this IMAlive benefit of PS~WeLoveYou’s such an astounding success!  I was blown away by all of the fantastic performances and how generous all of you were to donate your talent, your time, and your Lindens! At the end of the 2 full days,  all of you had helped to raise over 100,000 lindens for this great cause!

This was our 2nd benefit for the upcoming launch of the IMAlive online crisis network, brought to you this summer by TWLOHA , 1-800-Suicide and PostSecret.  Many of you asked when it was all going to be up and running and also how you can volunteer.  As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking, and one that has to be carefully put together to best serve the huge need for suicide prevention online.  If you too want to donate your time, check out the volunteer information at

The first benefit we had back in February, I didn’t get ANY pictures of, however there were 2 great machinimas done that day, one by the very talented badger, Escape Unplugged of Skye Galaxy singing “Because I Have a Secret” that you can view by clicking here. The 2nd was an interview with me done by the amazing Kittie Serendipity and you can watch it by clicking here.

This time around I did manage to take a couple pictures … I’m hoping to start a new fashion craze in SecondLife, BADger hats!  I think they will sell … don’t you?

Even though you could cut the lag with a virtual knife, I managed to get one picture of Skye Galaxy a.k.a. Sean Ryan in the un virtual world, singing beautiful as always and speaking with the crowd.

The only other picture I managed to take was the last band to play on Tuesday, a group called The Follow out of Texas. These guys really know how to rock a crowd and get people up on their feet!

So there is the big update on the two days events, like I said before, it was a success only because of the absolute generous spirit of  all the people I’ve met in SecondLife. Thank you for caring and sharing and just being there !

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