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Let’s Get Healthy!

It’s a body and mind thing! Face it … we can use all the  help we can get these days to keep our minds in a positive and stress-free place. Check here for the latest news articles on mental health and other information that I believe will promote a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Inspiring Us!

Check here for inspiration of all kinds! Whether it is a single person with an awe inspiring journey or a great cause that is saving and changing lives, this is where I will share the inspirational stories that are making our world a better place.

Music & Books

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”  – Victor Hugo “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers” – Charles W. Eliot

PSWLY in Second Life

Second Life is an incredible journey through the creative minds of people from all over the world and also PS~WeLoveYou group’s virtual home.  Find updates on our fund raising efforts for the new online IMAlive network & TWLOHA or join Escape and Patience with the Badger & Hotter Show as they explore fascinating places to […]

Today's Quote:

Tolerance is another word for indifference ~William Somerset Maugham~

Recent Articles:

Dear Shelby

It’s been 5 years now since you’ve been gone, it is hard to believe so much time has past so quickly… and at the same time it feels like it stood silently by… holding its breath, waiting to see if it was alright to creep past…

Last night you would have become a Grandma for the first time …our little Ashlee had a baby girl, a perfect tiny baby girl that she is already in love with. The babies father Rob adores both Ashlee and his new daughter Krystina …and excited expectant Auntie Kristina was there holding her hand through each contraction. You would be so proud of your girls honey,  they have struggled and grown in to incredibly beautiful young women despite all the sadness and heartache and unanswered questions.

I wish you were here, I wish you could have seen another way …

Kaleidoscope Art

Alexandra Mensing is one of the talented artists that have made Second Life their virtual home.  This past weekend her fabulous art pieces were on display at Fruit Islands Art on the Mango sim.

Kaleidoscopes in the garden

As friends and guests enjoyed the kaleidoscopes displayed around the garden, musical ambient artist Escape Unplugged played his soothing music and dazzled all with a fantastic particle show!

Escapes particles

A good time for everyone, as people wandered through the enchanting gardens and danced among the art on display

enjoying the show

Come by and experience the interactive kaleidoscope art that is still on display on the cliffs over looking the gorgeous Mango Yacht Club.

gumdrops and kaleidoscopes

Send Silence Packing

Send Silence Packing

Active Minds is raising awareness about student suicide with it’s visual display called “Send Silence Packing.”  After winning the Pepsi Refresh Everything Competition this past February, Active Minds decided to use their $50,000 grant to support the first road tour of Send Silence Packing to Universities across 10 states.

The tour began April 2nd in  Harrisburg Virginia at James Madison University, and this past Monday 3/4 of the way through their tour, they pulled in to the University of Minnesota and set up their display of over 1,000 backpacks on the Coffman Union lawn. The reaction at first is one that people share at every campus display, shock and disbelief.  “1,100 is just a number, but seeing them all laid out really shows the power.” stated Linda Fehrman, a mother who’s son Joel committed suicide and who shared their story at the St. Louis campus display.  “This really changed how I see things. I have been affected by friends and family committing suicide and this has helped me realize by not talking about it, isn’t the best thing to do.”

Suicide claims more than 1,100 college age students lives each year. Active Minds launched this aggressive campaign to raise awareness about mental health, depression and suicide on college campus’s  across the United States in hope that it will start people talking, and erase the stigma associated with mental health issues. Each of the 1,100 backpacks represents one of the 1,100 students that has taken their life and Active Minds has attached the personal story of loved ones to help put a “face” to lives lost to suicide.

Today the Send Silence Packing team is on it’s way to Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin to set up the display for tomorrow, Wednesday April 28th.  With only 3 cities left on the first tour, we can only hope that their message of preventing suicide not being about the statistics but about saving the lives of students, sons, brothers, daughters, sisters and friends across the nation, is one that resonates.

Recognizing the signs of someone with a mental health disorder can help to save the life of a friend or family member. Click here for the 12 signs you might notice in yourself or a friend that might be reason for concern.

Happy Earth Day 2010!

Happy Earth Day 2010!

From all of us here at PSWLY, we wanted to share our favorite site with links for you to check out so you can go green too! Lets help to keep this planet the green place it was always supposed to be!

I signed up to a very long time ago, before it was fashionable to go green. One of my favorite things about this site is it makes it easy to find ways to change your bad habits, and easy things to do that make a big difference like this article titled…
“Celebrating 40 Years Of Activism: 7 Ways To Get Involved For Earth Day!

I tried to do 2 things this year, I know TWO, wow really pushing the boat out huh? The first was to plant a garden, Ok well I didn’t really plant it, it was here when I moved in …. BUT I did weed it and am planning on actually planting seeds in it this year! What I can’t grow myself I vowed to go down to the local farmers market and buy instead of purchasing veggies that have been trucked in. Check out this article
Save Money By Eating Seasonally

The 2nd thing I am doing is to buy reusable water containers so I can wean my kids off of plastic water bottles. The amount of plastic bottles I have thrown away over the last few years is criminal! For years now when I’ve tossed my plastic away in the recycling bins like a good girl , thinking that they were being melted down to make playground equipment or pave highways! I never imagined they would end up in the landfills and the oceans! Learn how you can help by reading this article and watching the short video clip at the end.
The Story of Bottled Water

I hope you enjoy these articles and they help you find your own little way to save the planet, together we can all make a difference!

TWLOHA Wins USA Today Contest!

TWLOHA Wins USA Today Contest!

USA TODAY announces results of Twitter Hashtag campaign for charity
#AmericaWants To Write Love on Her Arms To Get A Full-Page Ad in USA TODAY


McLean, Va. and Cocoa, Fla. (April 20, 2010) — USA TODAY, the nation’s top-selling print newspaper, announces the results of the #AmericaWants Twitter hashtag campaign for charity. With the most tweets of support, To Write Love on Her Arms will receive a full-page, full-color ad in USA TODAY, valued at $189,400!

YaY!  This will bring a LOT more attention to the suicide prevention cause!

I know for me it was hard to vote for just one cause when there are so many worthwhile organizations doing fantastic work out there … but the TWLOHA cause is one I support with all of my heart.

Thank you to all our members and readers for helping to promote TWLOHA and making this possible!

Dangerous rise in teen suicides

Dangerous rise in teen suicides

Sadly statistics say in this country, a teen takes his, or her, own life every 100 minutes, and that is according to the national suicide prevention website

In an article written by Laura Bauer and Mara Rose Williams at What experts are noticing is that after a decline in the 1990s, the number of youths who kill themselves began to rise about five years ago. Though no one can explain with certainty the reason for the increase, experts point to teens having more pressures at home and at school, financial worries for families and an increase of alcohol and drug use.

“This is a very dangerous time for our young people,” said Kathy Harms, a staff psychologist at Kansas City’s Crittenton Children’s Center, which provides psychiatric care for children and adolescents. “We’re seeing more anxiety and depression in children of all ages. … We see kids as young as 3 who come in.”

In a news release from Kansas State University in April 2008, Professor Jurich had this to say “Hopelessness and helplessness is the Molotov cocktail that triggers teen suicide.”  ” Teens think they are invincible,” Jurich said. “So when they feel psychological pain, they are more apt to feel overwhelmed by hopelessness and the belief that they have no control over their lives.”  Professor Jurich knows how precarious life can be, especially for an adolescent. The professor of family studies and human services at K-State has written a book titled Family Therapy with Suicidal Adolescents and included inspiring stories like this one…

A young man came into his office, brought by terrified parents who heard the teen muttering about killing himself.

Suicidal adolescents often occupy the worn black leather couch where the young man slumped. Jurich has been a therapist specializing in youth suicide for 36 years. He has not lost one.

The forlorn young man was not to be consoled.

With gentle nudges honed from years of experience and research, Jurich drew out the young man’s story — girlfriend gone and life spiraling out of control. His only spark of interest came from cars and, well, why would he need a car with no girlfriend and no place to go.

“If your car was broken, what would you do?” Jurich asked.

“Fix it,” came the answer.

“What if the problem was the battery? Would you get a new battery or throw out the car?” the counselor asked.

“Oh, Dr. J., I wouldn’t throw out the car!” the young man answered, looking at Jurich as if he had suddenly sprouted a second head.

The professor paused. The young man stared. Suddenly, the teenager nodded. Of course. Why throw away your whole life if only part of it was broken.

Dr. Jurich believes family therapy produces the best results when working with suicidal adolescents, it is the “magic sword for taming the beast of suicide.”

It is clear that there is no one way or one person to listen to when it comes to preventing suicide. I was reading an article today written by Therese J. Borchard on PsychCentral she mirrored a lot of my personal beliefs in her story.

Depression is the leading cause of suicide. Usually when people have made the decision to die by suicide, they are either struggling with depression that isn’t being treated, or with treatment that isn’t help them.

I think this is especially true of young adults, who, for many of them, are often feeling some of these kinds of intense emotions for the first time in their lives. Older teens and young adults will be experiencing their first relationship breakup, one that few of them are emotionally experienced or prepared to handle.

Perhaps one of the future solutions for combating suicide by older teens and young adults is through a class targeted at helping them better understand relationships and their emotional reactions. Or heck, even just a class about emotions. We teach kids so many useful skills in school, but we do little to prepare them emotionally, or with realistic, usable relationship skills.

There really should be an Emotions 101 or Relationships 101 course taught in sophomore year of high school that covers these topics. While I’m not a big fan of institutional teaching of these kinds of things, it’s clear that many (most?) parents never talk to their teens (and likely cannot talk to their teens because the teens don’t want to talk about it) about these kinds of topics.

What ever you believe personally, the most important thing you can do right now is to understand that untreated depression is the leading cause of suicide and learn these warning signs.

Signs that someone may be at risk for committing suicide:
Talking or writing about dying, disappearing or types of self-harm.
Personality changes: withdrawal from family and friends, anxious or irritable, sad, indecisive or apathetic.
Inability to concentrate on school, work, routine tasks.
Change in sleep, including insomnia, oversleeping and nightmares.
Dressing down, unkempt and poor hygiene.
Change in eating habits.
Low self-esteem or overwhelming guilt, self-hatred or shame.
Loss of hope, believing things never will get better.
Giving away favorite things, extravagant spending, arranging care for pets.

IMAlive Benefit Update

IMAlive Benefit Update

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone that performed and those that attended the IMAlive benefit a week ago this past friday.  The Mill on Muse Isle was rocking with  fantastic music the entire day long, with the likes of  Phoenix Galdonaldo, Clairede Dirval, Astronimus Randt and Lyn Carlberg. Emotional and moving performances by RB Hamelin, Avatar Quinzet, Noma Falta, Skye Galaxy, Cylindrian Rutabaga and  Quinton Whitman, helped to keep the crowd donating, while beautiful ambient sets were played by Jana Kyamoon, Torben Asp and legendary SL performer Cypress Rosewood.

It was obvious that everyone could relate to each other over the subject of suicide, and there was just an electric atmosphere with a  feeling of being connected by understanding and love.  Because every person that attended was so generous, we raised over 65,500 lindens for IMAlive and that brings us at PSWLY one step closer to having the online support network for suicide prevention that I believe so strongly in.

I apologize for taking so long in posting this!  Part of me was stalling and waiting for the documentary style machinima that our friend Kittie Serendipity was filming that day to be ready to post and share with all of you, but the biggest reason was getting smacked down by the flu the day after the benefit.  Just now,  a little over a week later… I am starting to feel better and get back on track!   On the day of the benefit,  I was lucky enough to have not one but two talented friends doing machinima, the other was my gifted artistic friend,  Escape Unplugged.  Escape spent that noon hour filming Skye Galaxy and has released this fabulous machinima in video form and has posted it on his youtube channel.  When I asked Skye what song he felt would best portray how he felt about this cause and would want to share the most, he said it was this song “Because I have a secret”  and after listening to the words … I think I  can understand why.

A special thanks goes out to Florence Nexen for her tireless efforts in organizing the musicians for that day. Florence has been instrumental in keeping us focused on our goal of raising money for IMAlive and has already begun arrangements for a second benefit to be held over two days this spring in May.  Also a big thanks to JenzZa Misfit who I think  secretly is 3 people, because she seems to NEVER  stop!  JenzZa made the historic site, The Mill @ Muse Isle,  available to us at PS~WeLoveYou so we could hold this benefit and continued to help us hostess the event through out the entire day.

Although I had contacted Reese Butler the founder of Kristin Brooks 1-800-Suicide and Jamie Tworkowski founder of TWLOHA prior to the benefit and extended an invitation in world to attend the benefit, both of their schedules were too hectic to attend, but they responded in email, wishing us all the best and were excited to hear about all of our efforts in the virtual world SecondLife.

Just to be honest and without question I wanted to post this file imported from SL showing the amount of donations and the totals for the benefit. As soon as the payment is reflected in my acct from Linden Labs and I have the receipt for the donation to IMAlive I will post it here and you can dl the files.

Launch of IMAlive this spring!

Launch of IMAlive this spring!

A benefit for the long awaited online support network IMAlive is being held at The Mill on Muse Isle, Friday February 12th beginning at 7am slt and not ending for a full 12 hours at 7pm slt!  Come by and listen to some of the best performers in SecondLife! On stage first this morning is Phoenix Galdonaldo and below is the line-up for the rest of the day!
8am – Clairede Dirval
9am – Lyn Carlberg
10am – Cylindrian Rutabaga
11am- Avatar Quinzet
12pm – Skye Galaxy
1pm – Astronimus Randt
2pm  –  Jana Kyomoon
3pm – Torben Asp
4pm – Noma Falta
5pm – RB Hamelin
6pm – Quniton Whitman
7pm – Cypress Rosewood

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-11

  • 7am Phoenix Galdonaldo on stage @ The Mill #TWLOHA 1-800-suicide benefit for launch of IMALIVE! #SL #SecondLife #
  • We would like to invite @jamietworkowski in to the Virtual World Secondlife on friday 2/12 -having a benefit for IMAlive & TWLOHA #
  • Benefit for #TWLOHA #1-800-Suicide #IMAlive in #SL #Secondlife B4 V-Day FRI 2/12 Live music7am-7pm pst @jamietworkowski @twloha plz retweet #

Friday 2/12 is TWLOHA Day!

To celebrate TWLOHA Day with PSWLY … why not download SecondLife and come to our benefit featuring 12 excellent LIVE performances at The Mill on Muse Isle !  From 7am to 7pm pst we will be celebrating TWLOHA & 1-800-suicides upcoming spring launch of IMAlive the first Online Support Network in the world!

We have quite a line up of performers through out the day – so come and show your support and dance the day away!

PS~We Love You joins IMAlive

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