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Project 2996

WTC Lights

I think when I started my first blog, the first post was whining about my ex husband. Nothing note worthy or exceptional, or even remotely interesting.

It didn’t take me long however to discover there were thousands of wonderful people out there that really made a difference blogging about relevant issues and making themselves heard.  When I heard about a tribute to the victims of September 11th, I felt compelled to be a part of it.

Project 2,996 is a tribute to the victims of 9/11, started by D. Challener Roe.

On September 11, 2006, more than 3,000 bloggers joined together to remember the victims of 9/11.

Each year bloggers have honored them by remembering their lives, and not by remembering their murderers.

If you would like to help out by pledging to post a tribute on your own blog on 9/11  this year, please click this link to Project 2996 and sign up to honor one of the victims.

Sadly this year only 687 of the 2996 names have been assigned to bloggers for their tributes to be written.

Can you please help?

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